What are the Symptoms Of Hemroids Really?

If you suffer from hemorrhoids you are likely to only take notice after a few days. In the beginning you do not really realize that you suffer from hemorrhoids because this feeling of pain and itching around your anal area is not recognized and you may think  it is just a passing phase.

If you think you suffer from hemorrhoids you may perform a very simple test by just sliding your finger near the anus to feel if you feel a bump or evidence of blood.

It may often only occur to you after you’ve been to the toilet and suddenly realized blood on the toilet paper. Severe anal pain may also occur when you sit or lie down.

If you go to the doctor with symptoms of pain and itching around the anus it will often immediately indicate to him or her that you have hemorrhoids without him or her subjecting you to physical examination.

These are very general symptoms of hemorrhoids. The symptoms of hemorrhoids may at times be very similar to the symptoms of for example, tumors and infections.

It is therefore important that the treating doctor examines for hemorrhoids effectively. If necessary, the anal canal should be examined.

External hemorrhoids look like a bump on the edge of the anus. If the lump is soft, it can be a thrombosis. Any lump should be carefully examined and not assumed to be hemorrhoids until effectively proven to be.

The diagnosis of an internal hemorrhoid is easy if a rectal examination precedes it. If the internal hemorrhoid can not be identified using the finger in and around the anal area, there will be need for a thorough. deeper anal examination. This can be done by means of a anascope.

The anascope is a few inches long to allow it to easily examine the anal tract, which is also a couple of inches long. Think of it that device that doctors use to examine your ears.

The only major difference is that with the anascope the anus is moisturised with a special lubricant so that it can accomodate the device a bit more comfortably.

Whether or not hemorrhoids are found, whenevr there’s anal bleeding the entire anal canal must be examined as bleeding from the anus may also be a sign of major problems like cancer, or infection of the intestines.

Hemorrhoids Symptoms

A precise definition of hemorrhoids does not exist but they can best be described as massive “nuggets” of meaty cushions inside the anal canal that contain blood vessels.

The anal canal is nothing more than the last 4 centimeters of the digestive system where your stool passes to the outside world. The anus is the opening of this canal to the outside.

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Hemroid Relief is something that can be achieved instantaneously, there really is no need to suffer. This has been a brief overview of what are the symptoms of hemroids.