What Are Hemorrhoids

What are hemorrhoids is the question that most dread to ask due to shame. That is precisely what causes hemorrhoids as a subject being so taboo till this very day. But that is not necessary at all, as you may find that up to 50% of communities suffer in silence. So what are hemorrhoids exactly? Hemorrhoids are actually very normal, they are just vascular features in the anal canal which assist with stool control. Let’s say without them, one would know when they need to do number two but wouldn’t be able to pass them out. When hemorrhoids are inflamed or swollen, they are referred to as piles. So piles are just hemorrhoids in their pathological or abnormal state.

Internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids

There are 2 different types of hemorrhoids, namely internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids.

External hemorrhoids can be felt down there. If you slowly move the finger towards your anus, you can sometimes feel them down there.

This can be very painful and itchy although a lot of the times the itchiness is only associated with skin irritation.

Good hygiene deals with this itchiness nine out of ten times. Internal hemorrhoids are not visible. Blood in stool causes are usually associated with these.

These are not as painful as external hemorrhoids because they occur in an area that generally lacks pain receptors. Most people will as a result, not even be aware that they have them.

These internal hemorrhoids can however, cause great pain in the long run. They do sometimes get pushed outside.

In this state, they are referred to as Prolapsed hemorrhoids and often this is accompanied with a little blood!

When the blood supply to this hemorrhoid is cut off whilst trapped by the sphincter muscle on the outside, it is referred to as a strangulated hemorrhoid.