What Are Hemorrhoids Symptoms?

These are the five clear symptoms of hemroids

  1. Pain and/or bright red blood on the stool because the hemorrhoid bleeds
  2. The hemorrhoid comes out, but also naturally draws inward
  3. The hemorrhoid remains on the outside, but can be pushed back
  4. The hemorrhoid can not be pushed back and causes a lot of pain
  5. The sphincter muscle does not close anymore and leaking stools give irritation and itching

What To Do To Avoid Hemorrhoids And Bleeding

  • Do not put the stool on hold, go to the toilet immediately for relief
  • Do not stay too long on the toilet when nothing comes out
  • Do not try and force the stools out by pushing too hard. The pressure leads to a tear in the anus, which then causes piles
  • Make Provision for softer stools

To Make Provision For Soft Stools Get:

  • Enough exercise;
  • Warm breakfast to get the bowels going
  • Enough to drink, six to eight glasses of fluid per day (1.5 to 2 liters per day);
  • Fiber-rich foods to eat (whole wheat bread, brown rice, fresh vegetables, legumes). If this does not help enough, you can also add bran to the diet and/or yogurt. If switching to a fiber rich diet gives a feeling of fullness and gas, it is better to foster a gradual change

It is quite clear that nutrition is an important factor in the subject of hemorrhoids. Make sure to eat lots of fiber rich foods so that your bowel can move easily and naturally.

It is also important that you drink plenty of water throughout the day. This will afford your bowels a lot easier movements.

If you spend much of your day sitting in a chair, you can put a pillow on the chair for an additional cushion.

Sitting for too long in a chair can directly cause hemorrhoids, make sure to take short leg-stretching breaks  so as to decrease the pressure on the anus.