Natural Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

There are lots of natural home remedies for hemorrhoids that address the problem, but sometimes they don’t go far enough, or they are insufficient to actually cure the problem. Nonetheless, often they do work, and it’s worth looking into them before you spend money on an expensive treatment.

Most natural hemorrhoids remedies are easy to try and they are much cheaper than visiting your physician and getting a prescription medication. Many home remedies can help also in preventing hemorrhoids in the future.

Avoid Further Irritation

First of all, get the right toilet paper. Toilet paper can scratch and contain chemical irritants that make the problem even worse. Get toilet paper that has no perfume, coloring, chemicals, or irritants and dampen it under the sink before applying it just to make sure.

Second of all, don’t scratch. The urge to scratch is natural. However, you can damage the fragile veins and make the problem even worse.

Heavy straining, lifting, athletics, and exercise can mimic the situation of being on the toilet. Try to avoid a lot of heavy physical exercise.

Fourth, soak yourself in a tub of hot water that is 3-4 inches high because this improves blood flow to the area and heals swollen veins.

These general guidelines should stop any further irritation of the problem while you’re treating it with other things.