Hemorrhoids Home Treatment

The variety of hemorrhoid home treatments that is available out there is absolutely mind blowing.

This article will cover some of the home remedies for hemorrhoids.

It will not cover the subject of what hemorrhoids are, for that read the what are hemorrhoids article.

Often just a simple lifestyle change is all that is required! These changes in habit make a big difference and are extremely important for those suffering from hemorrhoids.

As much as it is always a good idea to visit a local physician, there are certain things that can be undertaken by self if suffering from hemorrhoids.

There are some fast acting hemorrhoid home treatments that can be applied to relieve the symptoms of hemroids.

  • Hemorrhoid Suppositories

Suppositories can be used, it is best to consult a local pharmacy for over the counter suppositories that will help relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

  • Hemorrhoid Gel

Gels have the advantage of giving a cooling effect that lasts longer than ointment, thus reducing the symptoms of itching and soreness, burning and irritation.  However their overall beneficial effect may not last as long as ointments.

  • Hemorrhoid Ointment

Special creams or ointments can also be used to smear on the hemorrhoids. A widely used ingredient in hemorrhoid cream is lidocaine, which works as a local anesthetic for instant hemorrhoid pain relief. Echinacea purpurea and zinc are good natural ingredients for ointments as they both have skin healing properties.

  • Hemorrhoid spray

Hemorrhoids spray contains a substance with a skin softening and itch-relieving effect. It instantly provides cooling and softening of the skin and thus supports the natural healing process. It neutralizes harmful bacteria and also acts as a lubricant to aid hemorrhoid pain relief.

  • Hemorrhoid wipes

When suffering from external hemorrhoids, use hemorrhoid wipes. These are hygienic wipes that are easy to use and convenient to carry around. Every time you’ve been to the toilet, it is advisable to use these wipes to clean the anal area. This way you keep this area completely clean to help hemorrhoids  heal better.