Five Clear Symptoms of Hemorrhoids


In this article you will find out the 5 most common symptoms of hemorrhoids. If you experience any of these symptoms, then it is very likely you have hemorrhoids.

What are hemorrhoids? Below is a basic explanation of what hemorrhoids are.

To put it simply, hemorrhoids are swollen or inflamed veins in or around the anal canal, and may also be known as ‘piles’. They can look like balls of deeply colored skin when on the outside (external hemorrhoids) of the body.  They may vary in color from deep blue to red depending on the natural color of your skin.

Hemorrhoids are more common in people between the ages of 45-65, but there is now an increasing number amongst the younger population due to bad lifestyle habits.

It is known that hemorrhoids are present in everyone, but in some unfortunate people they enter into a pathological state known as piles.

The symptoms of hemorrhoids are such that it is simply not possible for the person to bear the pain quietly as the pain associated with hemorrhoids can be quite unbearable.

They are not dangerous and do not endanger lives as they can get well on their own within days through either lifestyle changes or consultations with a physician.

The symptoms of hemroids are almost the same for everyone and they are many. The hemroid symptoms can be quite shocking at times and a sufferer may easily panic, unnecessarily so though. Let’s discuss some of them.

  1. Bleeding associated with bowel movements
  2. Obstruction while passing stools
  3. Pain, itching or a burning sensation of the anal area
  4. Swelling or lumps of of the anus area
  5. Mucous emissions in stool

These signs and symptoms occur in stages and profuse bleeding is considered the etreme phase. As discussed earlier the hemroids differ from person to person and may be internal or external.

Symptoms of external hemorrhoids are different from the symptoms of internal hemorrhoids. The symptoms for external hemorrhoids are more obvious and can be quickly detected.

In this case they appear as lumps near the anal area particularly when in pain, itching or having a burning sensation.

Internal hemroids may take more time to detect as they occur within the rectal channel itself. Bleeding is a sure symptom of internal hemroids. The blood will be bright red in color and will be followed by itching and pain in the area near the anus.

These symptoms of hemroids may disappear soon after they are developed, but at least the person will be in great pain and it is very important to consult a physician as soon as possible.

It is always advisable to seek medical attention as soon as the symptoms of hemroids are detected so that appropriate treatment can be administered appropriately.